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Whiskey/Bourbon/Scotch - Alcohol
The Gnarly Marlin

Glenlivet 12


Liquor Mods:Dirty Dry Extra Dirty Lemon Lime Margarita +$2Martini +$4Muddled No Ice Olives Onions Redbull +$1.50Redbull SF +$1.50Rocks Ice on Side Salt Sour Sugar Rim Sweet Tajin Rim Twist Up Very Dry Coke Sprite Diet Coke Ginger Ale Ginger Beer +$2Soda Topo Chico +$2Fresca Lemonade Water Grape Fruit Pineapple OJ Tonic Bloody Mary +$2Moscow Mule +$2Mark's Mix +$3Ranch Water Mex Mart +$2.50Old Fashion +$2.50On A Rock +$1Manhattan +$2